AMEIZII Six Peptides Pure Collagen Liquid Serum (3 Pack)

AMEIZII Six Peptides Pure Collagen Liquid Serum (3 Pack)



AMEIZII Six Peptides Serum Pure Collagen Liquid Moisturizing Rejuvenating Face Cream

Compact and smooth: six peptides collagen protein added to the relaxation of the skin effect is obvious, can instantly transform cells required nutrients, so that the skin back to vitality

Reduce the fine lines: to reduce the facial expression pattern, eye fine lines, head pattern, spells, neck and neck lines, etc., to enhance the skin elasticity, pulling tight facial skin

Repair improvement: improve facial skin roughness, as well as the loss of collagen caused by the deterioration of the ability to repair the pit and a variety of fine lines

Water supplements: a variety of plant extracts, intensive water, make up the basal needs of water and nutrients, so that the skin moist and full, shiny


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